TODDLERS (1-2 years)

At the appropriate time, children move into our Toddler Room. The parent and senior carer will discuss the move to the next room beforehand. The toddlers room is where your child has the freedom to develop from crawling, to take their first steps as a child. When the children reach toddler room age the focus moves from physical exploration to learning to socialise with others. The toddler room is a little more structured so that the children can gain social skills and learn to share with their friends. The staff in the toddlers room will be able to enhance your child’s need to explore in a fun and safe environment, through laughing, talking, singing and activities such as nursery rhymes, shapes and sensory play. The balance of play, development, care and security are taken into consideration.

When children reach the toddler room, they are offered a more structured play and learning environment catering to their individual needs. As your child becomes more independent, we adapt the routine to cater to their need. Their routines will become a little more structured, but will allow for rest period when needed.

At Twinkles Creche & Montessori, we recognise children of this age need to have time to explore and experiment but still need the cuddles and the attention they had as a baby.

Availability: We offer full-time and part-time half day options and, subject to availability, 2,3 and 4 days full time or half day options.

Staff: All our Toddlers staff are fully qualified and experienced in childcare.

Numbers: This is a big bright room where 1 member of staff cares for 5 children.

Routine: Children have a very well established routine in this room that helps them predict what is going to happen next, all through the day. That in turn promotes in our toddlers a sense of reassurance, belonging and confidence as they learn new things every day.

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Development/Program and Curriculum:

This is the time for children to start developing their language, mastering the art of walking, and slowly making sense about their world around them. It is the time to experience many different textures, shapes, colours and of course…the messier, the better!

  • The toddler room age ranges from 12 – 24 months.
  • This age is an existing time for the toddlers as they start to talk, crawl and walk.
  • To help explore with their language development story time and song time is a big feature of this room.  Children learn through words and pictures at this stage of development.
  • To help aid them in their gross motor skills i.e. walking and crawling we use dance time to music using their legs and arms is an activity the toddlers enjoy.  Also song time where they clap their hands and participate with the other toddles in great fun.
  • Skills – activities such as playing with blocks and jigsaws are big features of this room as they help with the toddlers fine motor skill.
  • Simple songs and nursery rhymes help with language development.
  • ‘Sharing with each other’ is a concept the children start to understand at this stage of development.  Sharing and taking turns are encouraged at all times at ‘Twinkles.’


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