PLAYGROUP (2-3 years)

The Playgroup room is where your child has a wide selection of structured activities which helps your child to develop their new found skills of speech and mobility. The balance of play, development, care and security are taken into consideration on a daily basis and through activities such as sand and water play, singing and cleaning, painting and play boards your child will become well equipped with their basic co-ordination skills.

This is a transitional time for your child and while in this room you will see many changes. Your child’s vocabulary will increase, putting together sentences instead of just words.  Twinkles staff constantly encourage language development and good behaviour.  During this time it is important that we work together in toilet training your child, by following the same routines.

The children use play to explore their senses and surroundings. They are encouraged to develop their imagination and personality through natural means such as water, sand, painting and play dough. The children spend half of their morning in the playgroup areas where they are given confidence to develop social skills through group and physical games. They have weekly themes where they learn, sing-songs and make crafts based on topics from their surroundings such as different foods or animals.

Availability: We offer full-time and part-time half day options and, subject to availability, 2,3 and 4 days full time or half day options.

Staff: All our Playgroup staff are fully qualified and experienced in childcare.

Numbers: This is a big room where 2 staff care for 12 children.

Routine: Children have a very well established routine in this room that helps them predict what is going to happen next, all through the day.  That is turn promotes in our toddlers a sense of reassurance, belonging and confidence as they learn new things every day.

Download Our Routine Schedule

Development/Program and Curriculum:

This is the time for children to start developing their language, mastering the art of walking, and slowly making sense about their world around them.  It is the time to experience many different textures, shapes, colours and of course…the messier, the better!

Playgroup Room:

  • Flashcards
  • Play-dough
  • Learning how to wash hands
  • Painting
  • Free play
  • Story time
  • Signing songs
  • Jigsaws
  • Dance time
  • Outdoor play (as much as possible)
  • Learning to share
  • Learning to take turns
  • Toilet training


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