MONTESSORI (2 Years 10 Months - 5 Years)

The Montessori room is run by fully qualified Montessori teachers with skills to communicate with the children in a constructive and fun way. The class is there to develop the individuality of your child and to meet their social, emotional, physical and learning needs. There is also plenty of time after the class for your child to have fun activities such as arts & crafts, music and movement, painting, free and outdoor fun.

During the morning the group of children will learn through the Montessori method of education where sensory development is encouraged through interactive experiences. Children individually learn through natural and practical activities such as threading and pouring. It is our aim to enhance each child’s social, cognitive, and physical development in order to give them the strongest base on which to move to ‘big school’.

The underlying principles of Aistear, the curriculum framework for Ireland, also sit comfortable alongside the Montessori School Method which supports children’s development in their natural environment, in those important early years. Twinkles is well equipped with Montessori equipment which offers children practical life experiences which are pertaining to their work.

Montessori is a teaching methodology inspired and devised by Dr. Maria Montessori.  We believe that the principles underpinning our ‘Reach Curriculum’ are in harmony with the aims of Dr. Maria Montessori, the founder to the Montessori Schools. Twinkles childcare incorporates Montessori methodology and equipment into its pre school educational programme.

Availability: We offer ECCE scheme, full-time and part-time half day options and, subject to availability, 2,3 and 4 days full time or half day options.

Staff: All our Montessori staff are fully qualified and experienced in Montessori teaching.

Numbers: Our Montessori teacher and her assistant care for 16 children.

Routine: Children have a daily Montessori session that lasts for 3 hours.  Promoting a sense of independence, confidence and joy in learning is our aim in this room.

Development/Program and Curriculum:

Our Montessori/Play group service is a combination of Montessori and recreational activities as children are encouraged and helped to master their gross and fine motor skills which they learn to interact with their little friends.

Montessori activities aim to meet the needs of the physical, intellectual, linguistic, emotional and social development of a child. 

The following are a list of activities put to practice each day.  Each individual activity stimulates one or more of the child’s development needs:

  • Circle time – listening to and telling others their new and stories.
  • Playing musical instruments.
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Learning shapes, colours and some Irish words
  • Counting
  • Painting, colouring, art and crafts
  • Practical life skills (becoming independent – dressing themselves, opening their own bags and lunch boxes, going to the toilet by themselves, washing their own hands, etc)
  • Sensorial skills (defining size, shapes, colours, height etc)
  • Story time
  • Role play
  • Outdoor play (weather permitting)
  • Jigsaw and puzzles
  • Dress up
  • Play dough
  • Baking
  • Free play
  • Rice play
  • Water play

Twinkles ‘Reach Curriculum’ originates from our fundamental belief that children should be treated as early learners from birth onwards. This belief is also one of the key principles of the Montessori Method. As with the Montessori Method the ‘Reach Curriculum’ content values are respects children and allows them to make creative choices in their learning whilst key carers offer age and stage appropriate activities to guide the learning process.

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