Childcare & Parent – Security



Or facility/building is purpose built and incorporates safety and security features that ensure your child is kept in our care.





  • Controlled entry and exit doors.
  • Intercom systems that parents and staff are instructed in the use of.  No individual is allowed into our centre without staff consent and approval.
  • All our staff are Garda vetted.
  • All visitors to our centre are accompanied by staff member.
  • Our centre is fitted with guarded radiators.
  • Finger guards and sockets protectors, and elevated door handles are fitted throughout our centre.
  • Twinkles maintain a strict maintenance, cleaning and hygiene routine to ensure a safe, clean environment for your child.
  • Twinkles conduct regular centre audits to ensure that we have daily, weekly and monthly compliance in accordance with Health Board standards, requirements and monitoring in all areas of our childcare provision.  Insurance, enrolment, meal provision, illness, incidents, and equipment up-keep.


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