Childcare & Parent – Nutrition


The early years of a child’s life are critically important for the formation of good lifestyle habits, including a positive attitude towards healthy eating. This is why we strive to follow the Food and Nutrition Guidelines for Pre-School Services issued by the Department of Health and Children on April 2004 and we keep up to date by following training available for the Health Service Executive.





We provide for all our children:

  • Food variety for balanced nutrition.
  • Healthy snacks and tooth-friendly drinks (milk and water)/
  • Avoid adding salt and sugar to our food.
  • We cater for specified dietary requirements due to health reasons or religious/cultural preferences.
  • Use meal and snack times to give our children the opportunity to explore new food and to enjoy the social aspect of eating.

At Twinkles we provide varied and nutritionally balanced meals, freshly prepared by our own cooks each day in our own Health Board approved in – house kitchen.  Our menus change each week and are clearly posted for parents to review.

  • We use only ingredients of the highest quality, with every effort made to ensure low sodium and low sugar content.
  • Full fat milk is served during the day.  A low-fat or semi-skimmed milk option will be available at parents’ request for children over 2 years of age, who eat a varied diet.
  • Water is available to children throughout the day.
  • Children will have access to fruit and crackers if they are hungry between scheduled meal and snack times.
  • Carers sit with the children when they eat their meals and snacks to encourage good eating habits, table manners, social skills and a positive approach to mealtimes.
  • Parents of children on special diets will be asked to provide as much information as possible abut suitable foods.
  • Parents will be advised if their child is not eating well.  


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